More than 1300 Europeans signed up so far for Visit Nepal 2020 Europe Lottery

The Visit Nepal 2020 Europe Lottery organized by Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and the Embassy of Nepal in London has so far received more than 1300 entries from different countries of Europe.  The Winning prize is two return tickets to Nepal from Europe to visit Nepal in 2020.
The main objective of this lottery program is to make Nepalese Restaurants in Europe as tourism promotion hubs and promote Visit Nepal 2020 campaign through them.
This program is an effort to reach out to the potential tourists in Europe directly, to contribute towards the campaign target of 2 million tourists in 2020. An estimate shows, there are more than 700 Nepalese Restaurants all over Europe with cumulative annual customers to be more than one million. The customers in these restaurants are predominantly those who love Nepal and have affinity towards the country. They will be more likely to go on holiday to Nepal.
The lottery form is available online. Interested participants, who are residents of Europe can enter in the lottery by filling out the form in the link below:
The coordinator of the lottery program Mr. Deepesh Man Shakya informed that the lottery program has been widely advertised in major European countries through social media, primarily on Facebook. The entry register has also been put in different Nepalese restaurants in Europe. The organizers have a target of getting at least 25000 entries by the end of the year where the winner will be announced on 31st December. 
The operations and logistics of the program is being handled by Nepal Ireland Society ( More details on the lottery program can be found in :  and